Dog rescued a mile from shore

Thinking it was an otter, two North Sea fishermen were surprised to discover a 14-year-cairn terrier paddling out at sea, just off the coast of Britain.

Apparently Freddie, who dislikes water so much that he walks around puddles and avoids baths, got disoriented during a walk on the beach with his owner, 73-year-old, Jean Brigstock. Apparently, it was a nice day, but a sudden fog rolled in and separated Freddie from Mrs. Brigstock. Never thinking her dog would enter into the water, she searched the shore. But Freddie had slipped into the sea and desperately paddled a mile out before being fished out by fisherman Jimmy Thompson.

Exhausted, Freddie slept quietly through the night, but returned to his normal self the very next morning, eagerly awaiting breakfast. While Freddie’s fear of water probably now includes the ocean, just to be safe, he should probably be walked on a leash next time.

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