New Year’s resolutions learned from dogs and cats

While everyone is pondering their New Year’s resolutions, I have decided to venture forth this year as if my dogs and cats were my closest advisors. Here’s what pets teach about the important things in life.

  • There’s always time to stop and smell stuff.
  • Sticking to your diet means eating only what’s on your plate, not the plate itself.
  • Ice cubes can be good snacks, as long as they are referred to as “treats”.
  • A walk around the block makes your tail wag.
  • Running in circles makes you dizzy, but makes other people laugh.
  • Jumping on people is fun, but most people prefer you don’t.
  • Good manners makes people talk sweet about you.
  • Good training and education keeps you in good standing with those you love.
  • Pure joy comes to those who like to play.
  • Patience often leads to unexpected rewards.
  • One great toy is all you really need to be happy.
  • Knowing a good trick or two really impresses people.
  • Everyone needs a friend who listens.
  • Keeping quiet is sometimes the best advice given.
  • Doing nothing is absolutely okay — and taking a nap afterwards is even better.
  • Good friends forgive you even if you eat their socks.
  • Carrying ID keeps you from getting lost in the system.
  • And giving love, unconditional love, is the answer to almost everything.

2 Replies to “New Year’s resolutions learned from dogs and cats”

  1. Wonderful!  I have revised my New Year’s resolutions to be more in line with these!  Thank you!

  2. So True! Too bad people aren’t more like cats, dogs n’ their pets! Thanks Cathy!