Nora, the piano playing cat

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Cathy has worked in the animal welfare field for more than 25 years. As a Director of Public Relations for local and national animal welfare agencies, Cathy developed and managed public relations programs, wrote press materials, and prepared staff to handle media interviews on animal issues.

While some cats get their kicks out of walking across a piano, Nora actually sits down and paws various keys over and over again, making music much to her own delight. Rubbing her head along the keys and occasionally meowing at her human admirers, she will apparently sit for hours and just paw at the piano. Nora wasn’t taught to “play piano.” Instead she seems to be imitating her mom who gives piano lessons. I loved watching her play (so have 12 million other people) and so am providing two videos here for you to enjoy. There are a lot more videos of Nora on Youtube and a great in-depth story on this feline piano sensation at Zootoo Pet News.

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